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New Songs has been set up to help South African’s learn more about music trends mainly locally but also abroad. When artists try to release both physical and digital versions of their new songs at the same time, it’s usually the digital version that is released first. Some big fans will get both the physical album and purchase the digital version for their own reason’s such as wanting to have the artwork from the disc and having it on their phones.

While music production sometimes takes even longer than it did in the past, even with all the technology available to artists, the reason is that some artists feel a good song can take it’s time, where as other artists can be quick with their production and it becomes a big hit world wide. Our site has been set up to showcase the latest songs to give new and old music listeners a place to find them with ease, in one place online, so don’t forget to bookmark us.

Artists can equally gain traction when we feature their new songs and expand their listener-ship. Music is something we feel can be beneficial both ways that is artist and listener, so our aim is to improve this bond for all, by featuring the newest songs locally and globally. As newer songs are constantly released by various artists, it should not be too much of a surprise to see different songs and artists featured on this site within a weekly or monthly time-span. People listen to music in so many different situations, while this might mean that people are looking for certain types of music when doing a task. IE. Running or gyming the fact that there are many new songs being released, it follows that there should be songs ideal for almost every activity.

New Local Songs