Gospel Songs

South Africa has quite a large industry of gospel singers and listeners alike, for this reason we have added this section that will feature some of the newest gospel songs which includes international and local artists alike. Music has so many different effects on people and the genre of gospel is no exception, this is one type of music that can really make people filled up with positive emotions.

There are always new songs in the gospel category released every year, the joy and happiness this type of music keeps bands making more music year after year. While gospel music is usually played more over the festive season, there are some people will will listen to this music all year round. Gospel music tends to be played typically during holidays and over the weekends in South Africa where it won’t be uncommon to walk down the road on a Saturday or Sunday morning and hear a random household playing gospel music.

There are some established artists in the gospel genre of music locally, but there are always newcomers that try to add something unique, in general most people would think that more variety will result in better and more enjoyable music overall. The difference between gospel music and other songs are that they usually have an element of a choir that may be easy to recognize however there are some solo gospel singers who are popular too.

New Songs 2018