New Local Songs

The genres of music that are popular in South Africa are far and wide, we even have our own genre called kwaito which is a combination of hip-hop and house over-layed with background vocals. While new songs are made almost every day, there are few which really gain traction in South Africa. The local industry has a unique sound which is hard to describe but very easy to recognize for the attuned ear and avid South African music listener. The genre of house has been very popular in South Africa over the past decade and thus local songs which are released usually have a house element as artists feel this will appeal to a wide and set market of listeners. As new local music is produced and released we plan to feature them on this website so that you can be up to date with the latest tracks.

South Africa has a motto: “Local is Lekker” which translates to “Local is Sweet” and this can also be applied to our local music scene for those who enjoy our music. Artists have made names internationally and to an extent this has garnered interest in the local music industry. Local artists try to cater for a wide audience depending on their style of music but generally speaking they will want a song to be popular locally and internationally if possible. Some artists prefer to do music the way they like it and will abstain from outside influence, thus keeping a unique South African flavor to their compositions when they make a local song.

We love local music and are aiming to showcase some of the greatest and latest local new songs on this website. We try to include as much genre’s as we can as we believe a large variety can be beneficial for everyone, artists and fans alike.

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